In the digital age, self-publishing has emerged as a viable avenue for authors to share their stories with the world without the need for traditional publishing houses. However, navigating the sea of self-publishing companies can be daunting for new authors. This article aims to provide a comprehensive ranking of self-publishing companies, considering various factors crucial for new authors looking to embark on their publishing journey.

    Understanding Self-Publishing:

    Self-publishing allows authors to retain creative control over their work and earn higher royalties compared to traditional publishing routes. It involves authors taking on the responsibilities of editing, formatting, cover design, and marketing, or outsourcing these tasks to self-publishing companies.

    Key Factors for Evaluation:

    1. Quality of Services: This includes editing, cover design, formatting, and distribution services offered by the self-publishing company.
    2. Royalty Rates: The percentage of royalties authors receive for each sale of their book.
    3. Author Support and Resources: Availability of support staff, educational resources, and marketing assistance for authors.
    4. Distribution Channels: The reach and accessibility of distribution channels provided by the self-publishing company.
    5. Costs and Pricing Transparency: Upfront costs, hidden fees, and transparency in pricing structures.

    The Definitive Ranking:

    1. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
      • Quality of Services: KDP offers a user-friendly platform with comprehensive services for editing, cover design, and distribution.
      • Royalty Rates: Authors can earn up to 70% royalties on eBook sales and 60% on paperback sales.
      • Author Support: KDP provides extensive online resources, community forums, and customer support.
      • Distribution Channels: With Amazon’s vast reach, books published through KDP are accessible to a global audience.
      • Costs: No upfront costs; authors pay printing costs for paperback copies.
    2. Draft2Digital (D2D)
      • Quality of Services: D2D offers professional formatting and distribution services for eBooks and paperbacks.
      • Royalty Rates: Authors receive up to 90% of net royalties, varying by retailer.
      • Author Support: D2D provides personalized support and educational resources for authors.
      • Distribution Channels: D2D distributes books to major online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books.
      • Costs: No upfront fees; D2D takes a small percentage of royalties from sales.
    3. Smashwords
      • Quality of Services: Smashwords offers formatting tools and distribution services for eBooks.
      • Royalty Rates: Authors can earn up to 85% of net royalties for sales through Smashwords and its distribution partners.
      • Author Support: Smashwords provides author support through its website and email correspondence.
      • Distribution Channels: Smashwords distributes eBooks to various retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo.
      • Costs: No upfront fees; authors share royalties with Smashwords.
    4. Lulu
      • Quality of Services: Lulu offers formatting, printing, and distribution services for eBooks and print-on-demand books.
      • Royalty Rates: Authors can set their royalty rates, with Lulu taking a percentage of each sale.
      • Author Support: Lulu provides support through email, FAQs, and online resources.
      • Distribution Channels: Lulu distributes books to online retailers and offers direct distribution through its platform.
      • Costs: No upfront fees; authors pay printing and distribution costs.


    Choosing the right self-publishing company is crucial for new authors to effectively share their work with the world. While several best self publishing companies cater to authors’ diverse needs, factors such as quality of services, royalty rates, author support, distribution channels, and costs should be carefully considered. By evaluating these factors, authors can make informed decisions and embark on a successful self-publishing journey.

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