Amanda Aldridge was a pioneer in the world of classical music as a black woman. She was a legendary Opera singer, composer, and teacher. Amanda Aldridge was one of the first black women to achieve success in the world of Classical Music. She paved the way for future generations of black classical musicians and is remembered as a trailblazer in the field.

    Google celebrated the Black British composer’s life and achievements with a new Doodle. Now, the question here is why did Google celebrate Amanda Aldridge with a new Doodle? Why is Amanda Aldridge Famous?

    Keep reading this article to get answers to these questions and know more about her life and career!

    Who was Amanda Aldridge?

    Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge, also known as Amanda Ira Aldridge, was born on March 10, 1866, in Upper Norwood, London. She was a British Opera singer, teacher, and composer who composed suites, love songs, sambas, and light orchestral pieces under the pen name Montague Ring.

    Below are some interesting facts about the life of opera singer Amanda Aldridge:

     Original Name

    Amanda Aldridge

    Other Names

    Montague Ring

    Amanda Ira Aldridge

    Date of Birth

    March 10, 1866

     Place of Birth

    London, England


    89 years

    Known As

    Renowned Opera singer and British composer

    Date of Death

    March 09, 1956

    Early Life of Amanda Aldridge

    Let’s put light on the life of famous Opera singer Aldridge. From where did she learn the music?

    At the Royal College of Music in London, Aldridge studied voice under Jenny Lind and George Henschel and harmony and counterpoint under Frederick Bridge and Francis Edward Gladstone.

    She had a family background in the performing arts, along with her belonging to mixed race (African American and Swedish/Caucasian), which allowed her to obtain a high-level education and the experience she needed to establish a successful career as a singer.

     To know about the family of Amanda Aldridge, keep reading this article!

    Family of Amanda Aldridge

    Amanda was the child of the African American Shakespeare actor Ira Aldridge. Ira Aldridge dubbed the famous movie ‘African Roscius’ when he played Othello at the Royalty Theatre in London in 1825. Her mother was a Swede named Amanda Brandt.

    Aldridge had two sisters ( Racheal and Luranah). Her sister Luranah made history as the first performer of African heritage. Moreover, Amanda had two brothers ( Ira Daniel and Ira Frederick). Ira Frederick was a pianist. They both died at a very young age.

    Amanda belonged to a family that indulged in Performing Arts, which helped her develop her career.

    Career Life of Amanda Aldridge

    Aldridge was a trailblazing figure in music history. After studying under the guidance of Jenny Lind and George Henschel, she made her career crafting art songs inspired by the writing of African American poets. She wrote under a pen name, Montague Ring, an ode to her father’s acting work.

    In 1893, she debuted at London’s Royal Opera House, where she was praised for her performance in Giuseppe Verdi’s “Un ballo in maschera.” She went on to perform in several other operas throughout her career, including “Aida” and “La Traviata.”

    Decades later, many students who graced U.S. stages would cite Aldridge as their teacher; the incomparable Marian Anderson and Paul Robeson were two such students.

    Her most famous composition is’ Three African Dances for piano,’ which pays tribute to West African drumming.

    Amanda Ira Aldridge drew inspiration from her parents, who opened her eyes to various musical forms, even though they challenged her European background. Driven by the obstacle her father faced in his career due to racial disparity and prejudice, she strived to create art songs that gave voice to African Americans.

    Amanda Aldridge


    Aldridge finished her singing career as laryngitis wrecked her throat. She mainly created Romantic parlour music, a trendy style played in the homes of the middle class, regularly by amateur singers and pianists.

    Her works were released under the pseudonym Montague Ring; she achieved fame for her many voice and piano compositions, like love songs, suites, sambas, and light orchestral pieces that featured elements from various genres.

    Amanda created dozens of instrumental compositions in addition to more than thirty songs.

    Iconic Works of Amanda Aldridge

    Aldridge was a pioneering African American Opera singer who achieved fame in the 19th century.

    Below is the list of the famous pieces that Amanda Aldridge works on;

    •   An Assyrian Love Song      
    •   Azalea       
    •   Blue Days of June      
    •   The Bride       
    •   The Fickle Songster    
    •   Little Brown Messenger      
    •   Little Missie Cakewalk      
    •   Little Rose in My Hair       
    •   Two Little Southern Songs        
    •   Miss Magnolia Brown     
    •   My Dreamy, Creamy, Coloured Girl    
    •   My Little Corncrake Coon        
    •   Simple Wisdom     
    •   A Song of Spring    
    •   Summah is de Lovin’ Time. A Summer Night   
    •   A Summer Love Song
    •   Supplication
    •   This Morning
    •   Where the Paw-Paw Grows

    Google Celebrates Life of Renowned Opera Singer Amanda Aldridge with new Doodle

    Google paid tribute to a renowned Opera singer, British composer, and teacher with the Doodle on February 11, 2022.

    The Google Doodle honored Amanda Aldridge’s legacy and her tremendous musical achievements. It illustrated her playing the piano surrounded by musical symbols and notes.

    Aldridge was known for her powerful and expressive voice and for breaking barriers in a field dominated by white performers at the time. Her performances helped pave the way for other black artists in the opera world.

    Amanda Aldridge

    Amanda Aldridge’s Cause of Death

    How did Amanda die? What was the cause of her death? The answer to this is the cause of her death is natural. She was ill and passed away at the age of 89 years on March 09, 1956, in London.

    Amanda Aldridge was a trailblazer who broke down barriers and paved the way for future generations of Black Classical Musicians.

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